Picture Hanging Tools and Supplies

Clip-It Frame Clips
The fast, easy system for mounting stretched canvas paintings in wooden picture frames. Clip-Its fit standard size stretcher bars and will not damage the frame or artwork. The strong steel clips are easily removed. Use two for a small frame or four for a large frame. Not for round or oval canvases.
Fletcher SpringMate
Fletcher’s SpringMate framing tool makes inserting and removing spring clips from metal frames easy. Just slip the SpringMate tool’s slotted end over the spring and twist to flatten the spring when you insert or remove the spring clip from the frame.
Fletcher Wire Winder 
Makes neat work of stringing and finishing most picture hanging wires on the back of a frame.
Hangman Picture Hanging Kits 
Stop fidgeting with lopsided artwork or mirrors. The Hangman picture hanging system is easy to install and holds artwork perfectly level. The high-strength aluminum brackets won’t rust, and the interlocking design assures mounting stability either vertically or horizontally. Objects can be moved from side to side for precise positioning. Each set includes a mounting bracket, level, and wall anchors.
Point Drivers 
The Logan Dual Driver Framing Tool is a heavy duty, high production insert gun that uses cartridge stacks of inserts to quickly secure glass and artwork to your wood frame. It fires two point styles. Smooth firing action ensures solidly driven points
3M Command Hooks 
Using 3Ms self-adhesive plastic strip and your choice of saw tooth or wire style hanger, position up to 5 lbs of artwork worry-free.
Each pack holds one piece of artwork. It includes one hanger and two adhesive strips, so you can experiment with placement without sacrificing your walls. The adhesive holds strongly, yet comes off cleanly.
Canvas Hanger 
Hang paintings without wires or screws, with no damage to the work. Just slip this metal hanger between the canvas and stretcher bar, and adjust by sliding it along the canvas back. It can be used again and again. Canvas hangers measure 1-1/2″ W  1-1/4″ H (38 mm  32 mm). Suitable for 5/8″ to 3/4″ (16 mm to 19 mm) standard stretcher bar.
Classic Brass Hangers with Nails
Use these brass hangers to hang your framed pieces. Available in 3 sizes, they are capable of holding up to 40 lbs of weight.
Cloth Picture Hangers
For mounting wall decorations up to 10 lbs on surfaces where the use of nails is undesirable or not permitted.
Floreat Hangers 
These brass-plated steel hangers won’t damage your walls. Includes tempered steel nails with solid brass knurled heads.
Foamfast Hangers 
Foamfast hangers provide the easiest way to hang pieces mounted on foamboard. They are a must have for framers, schools, and artists. Foamfast hangers are fast and easy to install, reposition, or remove. No tools are required. Choose from three styles. There are four hangers per pack. Use two or more hangers for larger pieces, or to help keep the piece level.
Picture Hanging Kits
Kit for 6 Pictures
This kit comes with enough materials to hang six pictures. It includes three 10 lb and three 20 lb hangers and nails, 12 screw eyes, and 15 ft coil of braided wire.
Kit for 2 Pictures
This kit comes with enough materials to hang two pictures. Includes two 20 lb hangers and nails, 4 screw eyes, and a 6 ft coil of braided wire.
Picture Mount Tape 
Mount light pictures, mirrors, or plaques without using nails, screws or hooks by using double-faced adhesive that sticks instantly to any clean surface. Package contains 80″ (203 cm) of ” wide tape.
Sawtooth Hangers
Just attach one of these sawtooth hangers to the back of your frame for a simple way to hang your pictures.
Snub-It Picture Hangers 
Snub-It Hangers are easy-to-install, and hold pictures straight and level. They will keep pictures from slipping into a crooked position due to gravity or vibrations. Holds up to 30 lbs.
Stikki Clips 
Stikki Clips are strong white plastic clips with a dependable “Stikki-Wax” back that will cling to most surfaces. Just press the wax side to the mounting surface. Slide papers and posters in and out of the plastic spring clip. Stikki Clips are reusable.
Swiss Clips 
Swiss Clips are an inexpensive, yet classic contemporary method for hanging prints. Just four small, spring-loaded, stainless steel clips will hold a medium-sized picture up to 30″ x  30″ (7 cm x 76 cm). Use sturdy mat board, plywood, or masonite for a backing. Do not use foamboard or thin cardboard. Use glass or Plexiglas (not included) on the front.
Braided Picture Wire
Fletcher Wire Winder
Picture Hanging Wire
Backing Materials show product details 
3M Dust Cover Backing Paper
3M Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumper Pads
Lineco Archival Corrugated Backer Board
Lineco Frame Backing Paper
Lineco Frame Sealing Tape
Picture Bumpers
Rings and Screweyes
Brass plated D-ring hanger attaches to the back of any wood frame.
Finish your frames with a pair of screweyes. Combine with picture hanging wire to hold up to ten pounds of weight.