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If you do not have your own coverage we can offer Motor Truck Cargo Insurance up to $50 000.00

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
Motor Truck Cargo insurance (Cargo) provides insurance on the freight or commodity hauled by a For-hire trucker. It covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load. If your load is accidentally dumped on a roadway or waterway (Removal Expenses coverage), our coverage pays for the cost to remove debris or extract pollutants caused by the debris. We will also pay for costs related to preventing further loss to damaged cargo (Sue and Labor Coverage), legal expenses in the defense or settlement of Claims and even freight charges the customer loses because of not delivering a load (Earned Freight Coverage).

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A bill of lading serves both as a shipping contract and as a receipt for the goods shipped. (This is an essential document that must be obtained by the adjuster in a claim situation.) It shows the date the goods were shipped, what was shipped, by whom, via what carrier, to an exact destination. It also specifies the motor carriers liability.

Released bill of lading
Bills of lading frequently state a dollar limitation on the value of the cargo or specify a dollar limit of liability. It is usually established according to some unit of measuring the property shipped, such as a specified dollar amount per pound of cargo. The lower freight rates the carrier charges when these dollar limitations are in effect.

A carrier’s exposure begins when the property is delivered to and accepted by the carrier. It ends when the shipment is completed, that is, arrives at the final destination and is delivered to the consignee.